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The King's Table Farm


Raising "Beyond Organic" Pastured Poultry

Photo courtesy of emerald coast magazine photographer michael booini featuring The King's Table Farm Half chicken served at the Bitterroot in Destin,Florida


When Health Matters!

 The King's Table Farm chickens are raised on pasture not chicken barns or chicken houses and fed with USDA organic, southern peanut and non gmo feeds.

no hormones, glyphosate free, no additives 


Fact is these birds are healthier than 100% organic birds at the store. those birds are processed by electrocution and  machine. our process is the natural old farm way... one at a time, and we use only Florida aquifer water in our processing for purity.

no chemicals, no injections ever. 

100% pure farm chickens with all the patina from living life outside, and harvested by our family.

Support your local family farm!

                                Thank you!


When taste matters!

 "Taste and Health"

come together to form some of the best chicken plate options in the panhandle of Florida.


The King's Table Farm Chicken and Eggs

are continually served at right now...


PB & J Bakery Bistro & Cafe

Bitterroot in Destin

Beachwalk Cafe in Destin

Edward's Rosemary Beach... on special


Some of The King's Table Farm chickens were enjoyed at the James Beard society New York City in January 2020. In part by the culinary team of Chef Jim Shirley. Thank you so much Chef Jim!





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